1-on-1 Online Classes

I have been offering classes through the Italki platform for about 9 years, and this was my only value proposition. However, with the launch of this website, I want to be able to offer my services to a wider range of Persian learners. That’s why I created online courses and workshops.

Therefore, from now on, I will gradually spend less time on 1-on-1 tutoring and focus more on creating new courses, improving existing courses, and conducting workshops.

I believe that this will allow me to reach more learners and have a greater impact on the Persian learning community.

While our online courses and workshops offer a fantastic foundation in Persian, we understand that everyone learns at their own pace and with specific goals. For those seeking the ultimate in flexibility and customization, our 1-on-1 online classes are the perfect solution.

Here’s what sets our 1-on-1 tutoring apart:

  • Tailored Curriculum: I design a personalized learning plan based on your current level, interests, and desired outcomes.
  • Flexible Scheduling: You choose the days and times that work best for your busy schedule.
  • Undivided Attention: Benefit from the focused guidance and feedback of a dedicated instructor in a private online setting.
  • In-depth Exploration: Delve deeper into specific topics or areas you find challenging, ensuring a well-rounded understanding.

Our 1-on-1 classes are ideal for:

  • Busy professionals with limited time commitments.
  • Learners with specific goals, like preparing for a trip to Iran or an exam.
  • Students seeking personalized feedback and targeted practice.
  • Anyone who prefers a more in-depth and customized learning experience.

Ready to unlock your full potential in Persian? Reserve your spot directly on my italki page.

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