Unlock the beauty and richness of the Persian language and literature.

We are dedicated to make learning Persian language and literature accessible for non-Persian speakers. Whether you have ancestral roots, academic pursuits, or personal connections, we welcome you to the Joy of Persian.

Why We’re Your Perfect Learning Partner

Imagine mastering Persian from the comfort of your own home, guided by veteran instructors who shaped minds at Iranian universities. Our team boasts seasoned educators, formerly of prestigious institutions, who bring their rich teaching experience and deep understanding of the language to the online realm.

But a language thrives on engaging presentation. We don’t just fill screens with text. We’re multimedia maestros, weaving vibrant visuals, interactive elements, and intuitive design into our courses to create an unique learning experience. Dive into captivating lessons, conquer grammar puzzles, and even brush up on Persian calligraphy – all with the same ease you navigate your favourite app.

Forget dry lessons, embrace an adventure. With us, you’ll unlock the poetry of Persian, not just the grammar.

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Student voices: Why choose our classes?


I have taken 57 classes with Leila in the last year and a half, and it has been an incredible experience and total joy. When I first met her, I had studied Persian on and off for many years, but my speaking was pretty rusty. I was also very interested in studying Persian poetry. Leila offered to combine two of her classes in one for me, so that the first part would be conversation and the second part would focus on reading works of poetry. Since then it has also expanded to working on translation of prose and poetry from…


I think today was my 21st lesson with Leila! And I want to say I’m still as encouraged as I was during my very first lesson when Leila introduced the Persian alphabet to me! For me, Leila is a perfect teacher. Besides textbook material, Leila shares with me her own content made on various topics in audio and text format. Thus, we study formal language as well as colloqial language that Persians use in daily conversations. Another thing I’d like to mention is Leila’s true passion for teaching Persian. And that makes our lessons even more interesting and engaging. I…

Jesse Rosenberg

Leila is an outstanding teacher, experienced in all areas of instruction: conversation, grammar, and enough cultural background to help her students grasp the significance of what they’re learning. In addition to her skill and erudition, she also makes lessons very enjoyable! I strongly recommend her to anyone interested in studying Persian, at any level.


Leila is a wonderful teacher! Our conversations cover a wide variety of topics and we always have interesting discussions. More importantly, is she able to give very useful and detailed feedback and corrections without ever interrupting the flow of the conversation. Both my speaking and writing have improved leaps and bounds since studying with Leila. Unsurprisingly, as a lecturer in Persian Literature, Leila’s knowledge of Persian literature is second to none. Her lessons are ideal for the intermediate-advanced student who wants to delve into Persian culture and be exposed to a wide variety of challenging yet rewarding texts, from the…


Leila was amazing as always! Reading classical Persian literature with her has made the texts come alive for me in away that I have not experienced with other teachers. Not only do I understand much more, but I have a real feeling for the deeper meanings and symbolisms, as well as the literary and historical context. I could not recommend her more highly!

Victoria B

Leila is a wonderful teacher, and she’s perfect for both the beginners and the more advanced students. In the time we’ve studied together, I’ve learned so much. Not only does she help me with the technical aspects of the language learning, she makes me understand and appreciate deeper the complexity and beauty of Persian culture and literature.

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