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    Unlock the beauty and richness of the Persian language and literature.

    We are dedicated to make learning Persian language and literature accessible for non-Persian speakers. Whether you have ancestral roots, academic pursuits, or personal connections, we welcome you to the Joy of Persian.

    Why We’re Your Perfect Learning Partner

    Imagine mastering Persian from the comfort of your own home, guided by veteran instructors who shaped minds at Iranian universities. Our team boasts seasoned educators, formerly of prestigious institutions, who bring their rich teaching experience and deep understanding of the language to the online realm.

    But a language thrives on engaging presentation. We don’t just fill screens with text. We’re multimedia maestros, weaving vibrant visuals, interactive elements, and intuitive design into our courses to create an unique learning experience. Dive into captivating lessons, conquer grammar puzzles, and even brush up on Persian calligraphy – all with the same ease you navigate your favourite app.

    Forget dry lessons, embrace an adventure. With us, you’ll unlock the poetry of Persian, not just the grammar.

    From hesitant ‘Salam’ to confident ‘Saadi reader’:

    Your Persian fluency blooms at Joy of Persian.

    Online Courses

    Persian Language

    Our Persian language courses are based on the “Fārsi bīyāmuzīm! (Let’s Learn Persian!)” by Dr. Hassan Zolfaghari (Tarbiat Modarres University), Dr. Mahbod Ghaffari (University of Cambridge), and Dr. Behruz Mahmoodi Bakhtiari (University of Tehran).

    The book series is a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the Persian language, covering all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

    The online course has been adapted from the book series to make it more accessible to self-learners.

    Persian Literature for Beginners

    Embark on a captivating journey through the world of Persian literature, no prior language knowledge required! You will learn basic Persian language skills throughout the journey.

    Persian Literature

    We offer immersive learning experiences that go beyond the textbook, exploring the vibrant tapestry of Persian language and literature, from classics to contemporary voices.

    Online Classes

    • 1-1 or Private classes
    • Online Workshops


    Let’s Learn Persian (A1)

    Embark on your exciting journey to mastering Persian with our Beginner (A1) online course, designed specifically for those taking their first steps in this beautiful language.

    Let’s Learn Persian (A2)

    Calling all ambitious Persian learners! Have you mastered the A1 level, and your appetite for Persian fluency is growing? Then brace yourself for A2 level, your gateway to intermediate Persian!

    Little Black Fish

    Unleash your inner language rebel with “Little Black Fish”, an advanced course for adventurous learners. Dive into this beloved Persian tale and navigate the depths of vocabulary, nuance, and cultural meaning.

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