Let’s Learn Persian Together! A1 – Summer 2024

Online From August 3, 2024 to September 21, 2024

Deadline: July 19, 2024

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Welcome to “Joy of Persian”! We’re excited to offer you a fun and interactive way to learn the beautiful language of Persian. This 4-week online workshop is designed for complete beginners (A1 level) with no prior knowledge.

Transform Language Learning:

Traditional courses, even online, can feel isolated and passive. You learn, you memorize, but true fluency requires connection and practice. Our workshops flip the script!

  • Learn key concepts independently: Access our high-quality online courses to master the fundamentals at your own pace.
  • Practice and apply: Join live, interactive Zoom sessions to put your learning into action. Ask questions, engage in discussions, and receive personalized feedback from our experienced teachers.

This flipped classroom approach maximizes your learning potential. These live sessions follow a set schedule and duration, focusing on specific topics or general conversation practice.


Leila Seyedghasem, PhD.

Leila brings a deep passion for Persian culture and language to her role as Course Developer & Instructor. With a PhD from The University of Tehran and 9 years of teaching experience at italki, she is an expert in crafting engaging and effective learning experiences.

Driven by a belief in Persian’s rich literary heritage and global beauty, Leila authored textbooks now used in teaching centers worldwide. Her research background in linguistics further cements her expertise. She finds immense joy in fostering connections through language, welcoming you to embark on a captivating journey into the world of Persian.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You have little to no prior knowledge of Persian.
  • You’re eager to learn basic greetings, introductions, and everyday vocabulary.
  • You want to build a strong foundation for future learning.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Understand and speak simple phrases in everyday situations.
  • Read and write basic Persian words and sentences.
  • Build confidence in your pronunciation and listening skills.
  • Gain access to interactive lessons, quizzes, and practice activities.



I think today was my 21st lesson with Leila! And I want to say I’m still as encouraged as I was during my very first lesson when Leila introduced the Persian alphabet to me! For me, Leila is a perfect teacher. Besides textbook material, Leila shares with me her own content made on various topics in audio and text format. Thus, we study formal language as well as colloqial language that Persians use in daily conversations. Another thing I’d like to mention is Leila’s true passion for teaching Persian. And that makes our lessons even more interesting and engaging. I…

Jesse Rosenberg

Leila is an outstanding teacher, experienced in all areas of instruction: conversation, grammar, and enough cultural background to help her students grasp the significance of what they’re learning. In addition to her skill and erudition, she also makes lessons very enjoyable! I strongly recommend her to anyone interested in studying Persian, at any level.


Leila is a wonderful teacher! Our conversations cover a wide variety of topics and we always have interesting discussions. More importantly, is she able to give very useful and detailed feedback and corrections without ever interrupting the flow of the conversation. Both my speaking and writing have improved leaps and bounds since studying with Leila. Unsurprisingly, as a lecturer in Persian Literature, Leila’s knowledge of Persian literature is second to none. Her lessons are ideal for the intermediate-advanced student who wants to delve into Persian culture and be exposed to a wide variety of challenging yet rewarding texts, from the…

Workshop Details:

  • Target Audience:
    • This workshop is designed specifically for complete beginners (A1 level) with no prior knowledge of Persian. However, familiarity with the Persian alphabet is recommended for a smoother learning experience. Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate student, researcher, professor, or simply passionate about the language, this program offers valuable learning opportunities for all.
  • Dates: August 3 – September 21, 2024 (4 weeks)
  • Schedule: Saturdays (1 days/week, 8 sessions total)
  • Time: 8:30 PM Istanbul Time (flexible based on applicant locations)
  • Duration: 16 hours of intensive Persian teaching (2 hours per session)
  • Structure:
    • Homework review and discussion
    • Reviewing two lessons
    • Interactive discussions and Q&A
  • Platform: All live sessions will be conducted on Zoom, ensuring a seamless and interactive learning experience.


Lessons and objectives
1. Hello سلام
– Greetings & Introducing yourself. – Learning demonstrative pronoun این (this). – Use of verb است (to be).
2. How are you? حال شما چطور است؟
– Greetings & Thanks.. – Learning demonstrative pronoun این (this). – Use of verb دارد (to have).
3. Good morning! Bye صبح به خیر! خداحافظ!
– Application of سلام “Hi” along with the phrases “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, “Good evening”, “Good night”. – Using the phrase “Goodbye” along with the phrase “Have a nice day!”. – Using the pronouns “I”, “you”, “you (plural & polite)” and “he” and matching the verbs “to be” and “to have” in the present tense with the mentioned pronouns. – Learning the third person singular pronoun او “he / she” and its application. – The use and distinction of the spoken and written forms of verb داشتن ”to have”.
4. Sara, this is Amanda. سارا، این آمانداست.
– Using phrases to introduce two people to each other. – Learning and distinguishing the demonstrative pronouns این “this” and آن “that”. – Learning the interrogative sentence این چیه “What is this?” and اون چیه “What is that?”.
5. Where are you from? I’m from Tehran. اهل کجایی؟ اهل تهرانم.
– Asking nationality with the phrase «اهل کجایی» “where are you from?”. – Getting to know the capitals and important cities of some countries. – Application of «بله / خیر» “yes/no” question sentences and short and long answers to them. – Application of interrogative sentences «آیا این … است» “Is this…?” and «آیا آن … است» “Is it…?”. – Application of interrogative sentences “Does he / she have…?”. – Application of the negative form of the verb داشتن “to have” and بودن “to be” in the present tense.
6. What is your job? شغل شما چیست؟
– Getting to know the names of jobs such as: nurse, doctor, student, teacher, etc. – Learning to ask someone’s job with the phrases شغل شما چیه and شما چه کاره‌اید. – Teaching numbers 1 to 5.
7. What’s his/her name? اِسمَش چیست؟
– Asking the name, nationality and occupation of the third person from the audience. – Learning job titles: police, mechanic, cook and housekeeper. – The use of ش and the third person singular pronoun. – Learning the verb «زندگی کردن» “to live” and its third person singular. – Learning numbers from 5 to 10.
8. What day of the week is it today? امروز چند شنبه است؟
– Learning the days of the week and the concepts of today, yesterday, tomorrow, the day before yesterday and the day after tomorrow. – Learning that Friday is a holiday in Iran. – Using a number next to a noun such as “one apple”, “two pomegranates” and “five pencils” and learning that in Persian language nouns are always in singular form. – Familiarity with the past tense verb “to be”. – Getting to know the prepositions «کنار، در، روی و توی» “beside, in, on and in”. – Getting to know the interrogative word کجا “where” and interrogative sentences related to it, such as: “Where is the key?”.
9. What time is it? ساعت چند است؟
– Learning numbers from 10 to 20 and their use. – Familiarity with the concept of ساعَت as an object and also as “time”. – Getting to know the concepts of «ظُهر و نیمه شب» “noon and midnight”. – Getting to know the concept of «دَقیقه، نیم و رُبع» “minute, half and quarter”. – Asking the time with the phrase «ساعت چنده» “What time is it?” – Getting to know the expression of time using the preposition “به” and the conjunction “و”. – Learning the plural form of nouns using “ها”.
10. Let’s review (1) مرور کنیم! (۱)
– An overview of what has been taught from lesson 1 to lesson 9.
11. How old are you? چند سالت است؟
– Learning numbers from 21 to 100. – Learning to ask people’s age and answer it. – Learning the months of the year.
12. What color is this? این چه رنگی است؟
– Learning to ask the color of something and answer it with the phrase «چه رنگیه؟» “What color is it?”. – Learning colors. – Getting to know the Iranian flag and its colors. – Familiarity with the phrase «جِدّی؟» “seriously?”.
13. My family خانوادۀ من
– Use of the pronouns “I”, “he”, “we”, “them” and matching the subject and the verb. – Getting to know family members and family relationships: father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, wife, husband, and child. – Asking with the words “Who is this?” And “Who is Navid?” to know someone. – Learning numbers from one hundred to one hundred thousand.
14. Befarmayid بفرمایید
– Application of kilogram, toman, and units. – Asking the price of something with the phrase «چه قدر می‌شه؟» “How much is it?”. – Familiarity with drinks and food. – Using the word «دوست داشتن» “to like”.
15. Our family خانوادۀ ما
– Getting to know the words that show second-degree family relationships.


Registered participants in this workshop will receive complimentary access to the following online course two weeks prior to the workshop start date.

Let’s Learn Persian! (A1)

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