30+ common Persian phrases for your trip to Persian-Speaking Countries

There’s no better way to elevate your adventures across the Persian-speaking world than by brushing up on your Farsi! Mastering a few key phrases will boost your confidence while navigating bustling bazaars in Iran, bargaining with friendly shopkeepers in Tajikistan, or connecting with locals in Afghanistan. This guide equips you with the essential Farsi phrases you’ll need to navigate your trip, no matter your destination.

Farsi 101

You don’t have to be a Farsi scholar to have a fantastic time in Iran. It’s a vacation, so relax and enjoy using the Farsi you know – you’ll likely learn more along the way (you might be surprised how far beginner phrases can take you!).

The effort is what matters most. Using even a few Farsi words demonstrates your interest in the rich cultures of Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and even in Konya, Turkey, where Farsi is spoken by some residents and holds significance when visiting the Shrine of Rumi during Şeb-i Arûs (the Night of Union). It’s a beautiful way to connect with the mystical poet’s legacy.

Study smart, not hard. Focus on the most practical Farsi vocabulary and phrases, and don’t worry about perfect grammar. A handful of key words can open doors (literally and figuratively) during your trip!


Good morningsobh bekheyrصبح بخیر
Good eveningasr bekheyrعصر بخیر
Excuse mebebakhshidببخشید
Thank youmoteshakkeramمتشکّرم
You’re welcomekhahesh mıkonamخواهش میکنم
Goodbyekhoda hafezخداحافظ
Yesare / baleآره / بله
Nona / kheyrنه / خیر
I am —.man — hastam (replace … with your name)من — هستم.

Asking for help

Do you speak English?engelisi baladid?انگلیسی بلدید؟
The bathroom, please?dastshuyi kojas?دستشویی کجاس؟
I’m sorry, I don’t understand.bebakhshid, nemifahmam.ببخشید، نمیفهمم.
Can you help me?mishe be man komak konid?میشه به من کمک کنید؟
I’m lost.man gom shodam.من گم شدم.

Getting around town

I want to go to —.mikham beram —.میخوام برم —.
How much does it cost?un chande?اون چنده؟
Where is —?— kojas?— کجاس؟
the museummuzeموزه
the stationistgahایستگاه
— squaremeydune —میدون —

Ordering food

A table for (1 / 2 / 3 / 4).ye mize (ye / do / se / char) nafare.یه میز (یه / دو / سه / چار) نفره.
I would like —.man — mikham.من — می خوام.
I want another one.yeki dige ham mikham.یکی دیگه هم میخوام.
The check, please.lotfan surat-hesab ro biyarid.لطفاً صورت‌حساب رو بیارید.
pay by cash / credit cardnaghdi / ba kartنقدی / با کارت
with / withoutba / beduneبا / بدون
appetizerpish-ghazaپیش غذا

The beginning of your journey with Persian

These key phrases will open doors throughout Iran. However, the rich tapestry of the Farsi language extends far beyond these basics. To truly connect with the Iranian people and delve deeper into their culture, consider continuing your Farsi learning journey with Joy of Persian! We offer a variety of resources, from engaging blog posts like this to comprehensive online courses and workshops, all designed to make your Farsi learning experience fun and effective.

P.S. Looking for a fun and effective way to learn Farsi? While Duolingo doesn’t currently offer Persian lessons (yet!), Joy of Persian is here to help! We were inspired by their recent blog post on Italian travel phrases, and we wanted to create a similar resource for your Iranian adventure.

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